...Is it true what they say? Can the flap of a butterfly wing in Brazil
potentially set off a tornado in Texas? Amidst suffering and
disaster, can a small gesture make an immeasurable impact? In
this vast system, we are not alone in our struggles.
We are connected.

DIFFA and it’s every supporter are the magnificent butterflies
whose every gracious flutter has mobilized the immense
resources of the design communities and grant over $38 million
to hundreds of AIDS service organizations nationwide.

We would like to thank the following companies:
Conex Interiors • Eplastics.comFlavor
Ligne RosetRosenthalNookaStreamline

Special Thanks to our friends:
Ariff Alidina • Greg Asciolla • Rob Cheatham • Karin Fuchs • Alison Gootee
Leslie Kane+Nick Bazos • Josh Price • Stevie Raaka • Suzanne Song+Paul Yok